Chhorii (2021) Movie Cast, Story, Real Name, Wiki, Release Date & More

Chhorii (2021) Movie Cast, Story, Real Name, Wiki, Release Date & More
Chhorii (2021) Movie Cast, Story, Real Name, Wiki, Release Date & More

Chhorii is an Indian horror film which is released on 26th November 2021 and directed by Vishal Furia. The film is made in the Hindi language based on a village and a pregnant woman.

Chhorii is produced by Bhushan Kumar, Krishan Kumar and others. This film is a remake of a Marathi- Language film, Lapachhapi which is released in 2017.

Nushrratt Bharuccha is playing the lead role in the film, alongside Mita Vashisht, Rajesh Jais and Subhash Goyal. The film is released on Amazon Prime Video.

Chhorii (2021) Movie Cast, Story, Real Name, Wiki, Release Date & More

Main CastNushrratt Bharuccha
Mita Vashisht
Saurabh Goyal
Directed byVishal Furia
Written byVishal Furia and Vishal Kapoor
ProducerBhushan Kumar and Krishan Kumar, alongside Vikram Malhotra, Jack Davis, Shikhaa Sharma, Shiv Chanana
Distributed byAmazon Prime Video
Running time129 minutes
Story and ScreenplayVishal Kapoor
EditorUnnikrishnan Payoor Parameswaran
DoPAnshul Chobey
Music byKetan Sodha (Score) and Ranjan Patnaik (Songs)
Costume DirectorVishakha Kullarwar
Casting DirectorAsif Akhtar Ali
Production DesignerSheetal Duggal
Production HouseAbundantia Entertainment Crypt TV and T-series, A Psycho Film.

Chhorii Movie STARRING

Nushrratt Bharuccha has played the lead role in the film. She acted the character of Sakshi, the wife of Hemant. And Mita Vashisht as Bhanno Devi, Kajla’s wife and Rajesh Jais as Kajla.

Chhorii Movie RELEASE DATE

Chhorii was released on 26th November 2021 and premiered on Amazon Prime Video.

Chhorii Movie SUMMARY

In the opening scene, a pregnant woman is chased in a sugarcane field and see three children and they force her to kill her baby. Then she lose her control and cut her womb herself.

Sakshi who is a pregnant woman works in an NGO of Orphan children and lives in a city with her husband, Hemant. In a night, her husband, Hemant is beaten by some people for not returning a loan that he has borrowed for his business and threatened that he have to return it within 24 hours. Then Sakshi suggests he hide for some days.

Then their driver, Kajla come to them and they decide to go to Kajla’s village which is 300 Km far away from the city. They come to a Kajla’s house through a sugarcane field and stay a night. Then they meet Bhanno Devi, Kajla’s wife who welcomes them.

After some days, Hemant returns to the city for a solution to his problem and leaves his wife in the village. Then Sakshi finds a strong bond with Bhanno Devi and one day she meets Rani, Rajbir’s wife and Rajbir is the elder son of Devi. Rani is that woman who is seen in the opening scene and cut her womb herself.

Sakshi then starts to see three boys around her to play in the room. But Devi warns her not to go with three boys and stay away from them as they are bad. But Sakshi doesn’t listen to her. As Devi becomes very angry with Sakshi.

Then Hemant returns to the village from the city with the good news that he manages the curtain money and they will go back to their own home very soon. But Sakshi tells him that she is not feeling good here and wants to back tomorrow.

So they decide as they will go back to the next day but Devi and her husband, Kajla attack them and force them to stay three days here to complete the ritual.

Devi tells Sakshi that she may get many horrible experiences in the next three days which will be an illusion and warns not to listen to Sunaini. But in the next three days, Sakshi experiences a painful story of Sunaini that was happened with her and three boys.

She becomes in shock after knowing the truth about the village and Devi and her family. Sakshi also experiences many horror incidents and she always sees Sunaini and three boys playing around her.

They start to reveal actual stories that were happened to them. Anyhow Sakshi survives three days and in the morning when her husband, Hemant and Devi with Kajla come to her and tell her to go to the city, she refuses to go without revealing the true story.

She starts to tell that Devi forces Sunaini’s husband to hurt her and when three boys helped her, accidentally her husband death by Sunaini unfortunately. But Devi and her family didn’t accept it as real and burned her with her in a born baby.

Then they threw her baby into the well and killed her. And it also reveals in the end that, Hemant is Devi’s elder son Who went to the city for surviving.

At the end, when Sakshi tells them to reveal the real story of the village and the ritual, they try to kill her but Rani helps Sakshi to protect herself and they come from the haunted house through the sugarcane field.

Chhorii Movie Cast

Nushrratt Bharuccha as Sakshi Hemants wife

Nushrratt Bharuccha as Sakshi, Hemant’s wife

Subhash Goyal as Hemant Rajbir

Subhash Goyal as Hemant/ Rajbir

Mita Vashisht as Bhanno Devi, Kajla's wife

Mita Vashisht as Bhanno Devi, Kajla’s wife

Rajesh Jais as Kajla

Rajesh Jais as Kajla

Pallavi Ajay as Rani

Pallavi Ajay as Rani

Yaaneea Bharadwaj as Sunaini

Yaaneea Bharadwaj as Sunaini


“The film is a surprisingly well-made horror picture that respects the genre but loses its way so tragically in its final moments and turns it into a message movie”, written by a Journalist, Rohan Naahar of The Indian Express.

The film is about the ignorance of girl’s born in the village. There are many sad stories about family doesn’t want to be born baby girls in their family and as they kill a newborn baby girl.

So this film is also based on that incident and to stop such as stories in India as well as in the world.

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