The Function of Internet Marketing in Helping Business Development

For most SMEs and local businesses in Bandung, the term digital marketing is a new thing. Even if this discussion is already common in the community, usually the digital marketing paradigm is only limited to online advertising using either the Google platform or social media.

In its basic understanding, digital marketing actually covers a lot of things related to promotion in the digital world between different target markets, industries, and platforms.

For example, not a few fast-growing local businesses only sell through Instagram, relying on loyal followers, they can get customers even without advertising. Another example, how the popular Indonesian blogger-vlogger today is more popular with the Youtube media than the personal blog platform that already existed ( /

Therefore, it is important for a beginner who will plunge into the world of digital marketing to understand where, who is the target, and what media are used in terms of marketing your product online.

In essence, there are so many digital marketing methods available for you to use in cyberspace, the only question is which one do you believe? or how will you get started?

As a business owner, of course, you do not want to lose the opportunity to be able to build a brand in this digital era, right? Here are some tips for business owners / SMEs who want to use digital marketing services to boost sales.

Paid Visitors VS Organic Visitors

Before our online business is flooded with clients or customers, it is important for a website owner to bring in quality traffic. This traffic can later be converted into customers (customers) or clients.

Along with the development of social media such as Facebook and Youtube, bringing massive traffic is no longer a difficult thing. But still, having quality traffic is the key to the success of an online business.

Therefore, most digital marketing services (including at only offer two types of digital marketing to bring quality visitors from as many methods as possible.

The first is to use a search engine that is SEO optimization (optimizing your web appearance in Google search results).

Say you have a business as a supplier of laundry business raw materials, then with SEO optimization, your website will appear on Google for potential keywords such as “laundry detergent suppliers” or “how to open a laundry business”, so most visitors who come to your website is your target market and very potential to be your next loyal customer.

The second method is by paying, by placing advertisements. For this part, it seems to have been very commonly used by businesses both small and large scale.

According to Karimov’s own experience, placing advertisements via AdWords or Facebook Ads remains the easiest choice for now. Especially to achieve short-term achievements such as sales and others.

How, have you determined the digital marketing that will be used by your business? If you have questions, please leave a message in the comments column.

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