[Secret Tips] to Speed Up WordPress Performance

Hello friends, if you are a blogger then you would know that it is very easy to create a blog but it is very difficult to manage it. As much as every blogger who uses WordPress can manage his blog well and has to do it because if we do not manage our blog well then maybe your blog too in this crowded world of internet Be lost in it, so it should be optimized as much as possible. In today’s article, you will learn how to optimize your WordPress data.

If you optimize your WordPress data from time to time, then you can increase the speed of your blog to a great extent and speed is the most important factor for any blog, because if the speed of your blog will be good, then you will also increase in traffic. Will be of great benefit. In today’s post, I will tell you two ways to optimize your WordPress data – first using Cpanel and second using WordPress plugin. But first, we know why it is important to optimize WordPress data.

[Secret Tips] to Speed Up WordPress Performance

Whenever we use the internet or run any file, our device gets a lot of file stores like -browsing history, cache files, etc. All of them are called junk files which are not of any use to us. In our android device too, something happens for this too, you must have used an application like a clean master, cc cleaner or superb cleaner, by using which we can optimize our data, this will speed up the speed of our mobile or computer too. Is exactly the same in WordPress? In WordPress too, we get a lot of junk data stores when we update a post, then post revision is saved which slows the speed to a great extent.

Similarly, when we install the Plugin in WordPress and delete it, its junk data remains in the same store, we can also optimize it and delete it. Apart from this, there is a lot of data in WordPress which needs to be deleted, otherwise, it does not have a good effect on the speed of our blog like to delete a comment or delete a post. So let’s know how you can optimize your blog using Cpanel.

How to optimize WordPress data – Using Cpanel

To optimize the blog from Cpanel, first, go to yoursite.com/cpanel and log in. After that, you go to the database and click on PHP, my admin.

After that, after clicking on XXX_my web as shown in the picture, after clicking, your entire table will appear in front of you, here first you check the size of your table so that you will know how many junk files were in your WordPress. We were of no use. Now select the entire table. After selecting, you click with select and click on the optimize table.

Now your table has been optimized, now it has to be repaired for one time. To do the repair, do the same step again, and after that click on the repair table in select with.

Ok done! Now your table has been optimized. Once again, now you check your data and check your file size, you will know how much your table is optimized.

How to optimize WordPress data – Using the plugin

This method is useful for those who do not have much knowledge about Cpanel or there is a lot of hosting in which Cpanel is not given, they can also optimize WordPress data by using the plugin.

One of the best plugin to optimize WordPress data with the help of plugin is WP-sweep. Millions of people use this plugin and I also use this plugin often.

You first log in to your WordPress dashboard and click on the plugin and add a new plugin.

Now after that you search by typing wp-sweep in the plugin directory and install and activate the plugin as shown in the picture.

After the plugin is activated, you click on Tools in your dashboard and click on wp-sweep.

After the plugin is open, now you can optimize your WordPress with it, for this you can click on a sweep at the bottom and wait for a while, your whole data will be optimized.


These are two ways to optimize WordPress data, which may prove useful for you. You can optimize your data at any time by any method, which is a very important step. You keep optimizing your data from time to time.

When you use the wp sweep plugin, you will get a warning above that you must first backup your data, but you can also ignore it, if you want to backup your data automatically, then you can click here to get full information Take and backup.

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