How to write SEO Friendly Post in WordPress blog

Welcome to another new post that has a tittle on how to write SEO Friendly Post in WordPress. SEO is the most important part for any site or blog, I have spoken many times before and you will find this line written on everyone’s blog. How many blogs are made in the world of internet and one thing is that almost all of them have to struggle a lot to get their blogs ranked, one of which I am also and one truth is that these millions Very few blogs are able to go ahead of the blog, all the others are closed or ruined over time.

At the same time, the rest of the blogs that become successes, their hard work, and other thing is to take care of SEO. It means to say that if you want to have success in blogging then you have to do smart work along with hard work only then you can be a success. Today we will talk about smart work itself. In this post today, we will know how you can do smart work by writing SEO friendly post in your WordPress blog.

Talking about the search engine, when any search engine crawls your site, it is very important to be SEO friendly at that time, or else your post will not be able to rank in any search engine. When the robot analyzes your post completely, then it is decided at which place to show that post in Google or any search engine. The simple thing is that if your post is SEO friendly then you will get good results. Just today we will discuss this point on how you can fully SEO optimize your post.

If your blog is on WordPress, then you do not need to work hard but if your blog is on blogger then you will have to do all these tasks manually. To write an SEO friendly post on WordPress, you will have to install a plugin named Yoast SEO, which will make your work even easier.

How To Write SEO Friendly Post On WordPress

1. Post Title

Before any post starts its tittle, firstly it is very important for your post to be tittle SEO friendly. About 50 percent of traffic comes only after seeing your post title. So whenever you write the title of a post, make it SEO friendly. To make the title SEO friendly, keep in mind that the title of your post should not be longer than 66 words because the search engine will show the same title. Longer tittle Google will never like for example- “How to write SEO Friendly Post in WordPress blog” this title is the best but if you write this tittle “How to write SEO Friendly Post in WordPress blog complete guide” then There will not be a full show in the search engine which is wrong.

2. Use Keyword

If you want to write any post SEO friendly, then you must add 1 or 2 keywords to the title, writing posts without keywords is just a waste of time. You must have heard about the keyword for example- how to write SEO friendly posts in WordPress. I have used WordPress and SEO 2 keywords in this post. You must also add one or 2 keywords.

3. Use Paragraph Short

If you write long stories, then you should write to them in a short paragraph. If you write a very long paragraph, then any reading visitor can get bored reading your post and can also return from your site. Your paragraph maximum should be only 5-6 lines, after that, you must change the paragraph. And also keep in mind that your paragraph should not be less than 2-3 lines.

4. Use Headings

You must use H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6 heading in your post. The visitor visiting your website cannot read the entire post simultaneously, in such a situation, you should use the heading and give a stop word. This is the same way we read a book. The H3 heading is the most popular among the heading used in WordPress. Apart from this, you can use H2 and H4 heading.

5. Use Internal Link On Your Post

In the middle of the post, you must use the internal link. One advantage of using an internal link is that it also reduces the bounce rate of your site, which is the best thing. Another advantage is that if a visitor wants to read your post and they will see your internal link, then it may happen that they click on it and will remain on your site for a long time. By adding the remaining internal links, your post will also look good, which is also called eye-catching post in common language. You must add a minimum of 6 internal links in your post.

Adding internal links to posts in WordPress has become very easy these days. In the latest version of WordPress, you just select the word in which you want to give the link and click on the link linking tool and select that post. Your link will be installed.

6. Use Keyword On Your Post

As I had already told that the keyword is very important for your post and you must add the same keyword in your article which you have used in the heading. To do a keyword search, you first search the post on google, then add the keyword that came in the search result to your post.

You should not add too much keyword to the post, otherwise, your post is considered as google spam and it does not get any result from the search results. You must first use the keyword in the first paragraph, followed by the add in the last paragraph. You use the keyword only 3-4 times.

7. Do Not Use Stop Word In Permalink

When you start writing posts on WordPress, permalink becomes automatic generate but it is not right, you always use the custom permalink. If you think that you will change the permalink later then it is not correct because it does not automatically redirect and becomes a dead link in your site, which may cause you to lose traffic.

In addition, if you do not use any stop word in the permalink, it is good. Also, remove the extra word in the permalink. for example- How to write SEO Friendly Post in WordPress blog. You can write this permalink as SEO friendly post like this.

8. Add Meta Description

It is also very important to add a meta description. When a visitor searches on google, his description is also shown about which information is available in your post which also helps your visitor and if there is a focus keyword in the description, then the search result will also show better results. Therefore meta must also be in every post.

9. Add Image

One rule of posting for the blog is that you must add an image to it. I had read on a blog that an image of you is worth 2000 words but I agree that it has no value. You can also add as many images as you need in the post. If you keep a maximum of 7-8 posts in a post, it would be good and if you need more image than that, then use the alt tag in it so that google count that image as word and use it will get better results.

10. Use Alt Tag in Image

Many bloggers and especially new bloggers make this mistake the most. Any new blogger adds an image to his blog but does not optimize it correctly. If you do this too, then you should change this habit today, if you work so hard in writing posts, then do some hard work in image optimization too. Whenever you add an image, write full detail in it, and most importantly, write your focus keyword in its alt tag. It will be necessary for each of your posts. If you do not do this, then none of your images can rank in the search result.

11. Categories And Tag

Now when you complete the entire post, you must design it. To design, add category, and tag to it. Use the category and tag related to the topic you have written a post on. Apart from this, you must also add the featured image to the post.

12. Write Long Post

Your post should be a minimum of 300 words, this rule is in WordPress but I believe that 300 words post in blogging has no meaning. If you write a post correctly, then 300 words take your post to start, then where will the rest of the part go, so you must write a post of at least 1000 words. Writing longer posts reduces the bounce rate of your site so that the visitor will also like your post.


Above which I have told you the rules of SEO friendly post, if you follow them then you will definitely get a good result if not today or tomorrow. In blogging, it is very important to always do smart work as well as hard work. So, you should also pay attention to smart work from today.

I hope that you would have liked this post of mine today, if yes, then you must definitely share this post with my friends so that they can also get help in blogging and stay connected with me in the same way.

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