Estimated Price of Online Marketing Services

Price Components of online marketing services

 If we get clients with questions like this, we can be sure they don’t really understand online marketing itself. Since online marketing has a very broad meaning so it cannot be simplified like buying a tempe block at a vegetable seller for example.

 In the services offered by Karimov himself, we divide the two types of digital marketing (or better known as online marketing).

 This is based on two basic concepts that we believe and apply in the world of online marketing itself where both concepts are:

 The purpose of the sentence besides is if you have any good content, whether it is video, photos, or quality news, but you cannot spread it to a wide audience, then good content will be in vain.

 Conversely, if you have struggled to promote your promotional media, whether through Facebook ads, Instagram, or paid endorsement channels, but what is published is actually not interesting, the results will be the same, broncos.

 Therefore, online marketing services can actually be divided into two categories, the first is digital content creation services and the second is content distribution services themselves.

 Digital Content Development Services

 Online marketing services like this are usually offered by freelancers or young startups. Because they are the native digital ones so that they can easily create content both videos, photos, and news articles that are relevant to current issues.

 Prices for each type of content also vary, some can accept orders starting at 50 thousand rupiahs (for writing articles), 500 thousand to 1.5 million rupiahs (for photo packages) to over 2 million for indie video or film campaigns.

 Usually, for everyone, this price is very relative, it is not uncommon for young people who are just starting to work on video orders if the budget is 25 million and above, 50 million and above.

 Again, the issue of price is the right of the service provider, even though we all know, as business people, we will certainly look for those who are willing to accept orders with minimal and minimal price.

 Content Distribution Services (online marketing)

 Well, actually, this service category is the core of online marketing (marketing through digital media). Why do I need to discuss the first thing above, because many of the business people assume that online marketing already includes the creation of digital content itself when in general, the two things are two separate things.

 For content distribution services through digital media such as website creation, SEO, online advertising, and so on, usually more is offered by online marketing agencies than individuals (freelancers). This is because the components that must be mastered are far more numerous and varied.

 Regarding the price of online marketing services itself, we at Karimov serve website creation starting from 2.5 million to get web with a prime server on the Google Cloud Platform. In addition, we use Google servers located in Iowa, US, so the website can be more stable accessed from all countries. This will certainly make it easier for export SMEs to facilitate the publication of their products abroad.

 For the price of advertising services, SEO services and so on, we have monthly special packages that are very affordable for SMEs starting at 500 thousand per month.

 Although it also depends on how much the budget will be allocated for advertising in several well-known advertising media such as Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and Google Adwords.

 Okay until here first the price range of online marketing services that we can convey, hopefully, it can be your consideration in choosing a digital agency company based on the services and prices offered.

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