Elementor Tutorial – Creative Uses For Slider Pro Element WordPress Page Builder

I have a special bonus offer that I’m also including with Elementor Pro if you did decide to purchase it but let’s just take a look at itself there some new features that were just added to the slide Pro element in Elementor Sowa slides is essentially a slideshow so we can just drag it there and it’s going to populate a slideshow here for us but there’s a new feature that was recently added and that’s to give you something called the can Burns effect and this is an effect where you can take an image and it can move at whatever speed that you wanted to move

and I’m in a show you how to use that in this Article so first what we need to do with sucking to really work on a solid color background like this it’s really made for images some to go ahead and click on the first slide and instead of a background color I’m in a choose background image and I probably have a few background images here let’s see

I know this one’s pretty large so let’s just go ahead and insert that there so we have our background image here and here’s this new option right there it says Ken Burns effect some go ahead and turn that on now and you turn it on Yorty start seeing the image move now right now the only options are in or out that was the motion of

moving in and then you can change this to out and then it’s going to give you a slight movement there now what determines how long it moves for is the amount of time that you have in between the slides so if it’s five seconds it’s going to move for five seconds and is going to kinda move at a faster pace there isn’t control here of this speed is really dictated on the amount of time that you leave in between slides so lastly I would probably put maybe an overlay color like that just to darken it up a little but you can use whatever color you want so let’s go ahead and go to slider options and let’s play away around with this autoplay speeds right now it’s set to five seconds and that’s why you’re seeing that a bit of movement right there but

when I was playing around that I tried 20 seconds like that so look at what that does it gives you a nice subtle slower movement in on the picture like that in I really like that effect right there so that is one creative new creative use for this slideshow now another thought I had and I’m just going to go completely off-the-cuff

in this Article, if you just wanted to have some random movement on your website let’s try it out so say I had a section like this where you had two columns you had an image on one side and maybe just some informational text on the other side solicit what we can do to have a little movement in an image that we might want to put their summit to go back to my Pro elements

and I’m in drag in that slide again but this time adjusting to bein this one little box right here and then we probably want to put some kind of text over here on the right so what I want to do here is I’m going to go ahead and swap this out for some images someone ago and put an image there, click on slide two, to put a different image than that that one

let’s go with this pizza right there and the first slide three, go ahead and choose another image like that so we have our images there so let’s go back to slide one right here an appointment to do is I’m to turn on the birds affect like that and let’s see I’ll start with going out and then on a scroll up here words are content and

I’m literally just going to remove all of the content like that so I just have an image there with this motion and I’ll get rid of these arrows some to do that for each of these slides a minute just remove all the content for each of them just like that and I want to turn my Ken Burns on here instead of out to him and to go in some and alternated

okay I’m on the third slide doing the same thing here and on this one and a dude can burn and I’m in a go out so it’s going to be out in out now what I want to do is go down here to my slider options and want to get rid of these arrows and dots and make it none just like that and

the last thing is that speed is a little too much for me so I’m going to go ahead and enter 20 so each slides going to be 20 ms and so there you can see how nice that is so we’re able to take this slideshow module and were able to use it to have some nice a subtle motion on our website is not technically a slider is your typical slider where you have all these things moving in text showing and

buttons and all that but you’re able to use it for a really nice elegant effect that ends up being very subtle like you see here so let’s try to get that back onto the first slide to go to slides click on slide one see slide two so slide one was in slide two was out and slide three just like that so now

let’s try that one more time so you’ve got this beautiful movement now on your website to make the website come alive a little bit honestly out tell you I’m happy that Elementor Pro includes a slider because that’s one less thing you have to buy one less interface you have to learn one less learning curve you have to go through but to tell you the truth

I’m not really the biggest fan of sliders themselves I know that customers and clients they want that but I tend to not be the biggest fan of sliders I much rather use a slider in a more subtle way that you saw me do right here but this is just to show you that just because a module is made for one purpose you can use it for lots of different things to and this is a really elegant way to get some nice movement in your website especially

if it’s like a restaurant or something like that where it’s at very visual and in the pictures really sell it so this was just a creative use of this new feature that is available in the slides Pro element that comes withElementor now here’s Elementor’s website right here I have a link down below and the pinned comment and I also have a link in the description below and

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