4 Main Pillars of Content Marketing for Business [+ Example]

Content Marketing is one method of marketing digital-based products that is claimed to be the most effective lately. This method is used by 91% of marketers of large and small companies that play on digital platforms. The result is quite promising, effective content marketing can provide 3 times more leads to sales than using paid advertising on digital platforms

Content marketing is aimed at finding and introducing products to new audiences, and inviting them to buy these products. Some companies even claim that content marketing is effective in maintaining customer loyalty.

You also have a great opportunity to utilize content marketing to market your company’s products. That makes sense because sociologically and psychologically, people in this era are already very attached to the internet and social media.

But don’t just jump into the open battle of content marketing on the internet. There are things that you must learn and understand before you fade in the battlefield. Therefore, study the following reviews which give you an understanding of the 4 fundamentals in doing content marketing. These four things are related to each other, done together, and not separate.

First: Build Brand Awareness

Of course building good brand awareness is not haphazard. There are a series of steps and processes that must be carried out. Pay attention to the following steps.

Identify your audience

The first step in building brand awareness is analyzing your audience. Ask yourself questions about who is the audience you want, how is their economic segment, when do they usually access social media, etc.

Effective content strategy

After you have successfully identified your target audience in detail, the next step is to compile a strategic plan for the content that you will create. You must sort content according to the target. Don’t just prepare one theme. Because of course, the target audience of young people does not fit into adult content, and vice versa.

Quality content

There are several indicators that determine the quality of a content. These indicators are the uniqueness of the idea of ​​the content, the visual quality of the content, the effective style of language, the facts and data conveyed in the content, and free of plagiarism.

Understand Social Media Algorithms and Trending

The battlefield of content marketing is the internet. Therefore, you must understand how to optimize algorithms and trending on each social media platform. Please note, each social media has a different algorithm and user character.

 Don’t try to equate one social media content with another.

In order to build good Brand Awareness, you can combine two digital channels. Namely, a combination of blog articles and sites, combined with effective social media dissemination. The combination of the two will give the effect of the effectiveness of your brand awareness up to 62%.

Second: Secure Prospective Customers

Yes, with the support of the latest technology, you should be able to reach people who have already been interested in the products / services you offer. Technically, the following examples apply to this section:

Build an email newsletter subscription base

With the optimal list building, you can easily reach people who have been interested in the product or brand that you offer. Make the e-mail as interesting as possible, not just advertisements with cool designs. Here’s an example of email marketing from a world-class digital marketing expert, Neil Patel.

Activate Facebook Pixel and Google Remarketing

Today, effective advertising is no longer a form of selling (hard selling). Google has even confirmed that effective types of ads are in the form of informative content. One proof is a case study of the success of the following Olay ad.

So, sometimes the content also needs to be distributed in the form of paid ads (paid ads). Activating the remarketing and Facebook pixel features will make the ad mix plus your content appear more leverage.

Create a live event or webinar

If you already have a sufficient follower base, now is the time to test how much awaited content you present. Among the ways to find out is to invite them to watch webinars or live broadcasts using the Facebook / Instagram platform. Based on research, live broadcasts like this have an effectiveness of up to 22%, higher than email marketing which is only 16%.

Third: Change Prospective Customers into Consumers

There are several steps you must take to do this. Note the explanation of the following steps.

Give a product warranty

Make sure you dare to guarantee your product. Effective guarantees make potential customers believe in your quality, and feel safe to start trying your product. How dare you?


Testimonials that are very effective in increasing sales are testimonials from famous people. It’s easy, nowadays many influencers have a big impact on social media. You can work with them, ask them to endorse your product on their social media accounts, and provide positive testimonials that you can use on your own advertising channel.


As much as possible to provide special content for your product campaign. You can also do this demonstration during a live event. Make sure the demonstration that you show is really able to highlight the advantages of your product.

Sensational offer

You also have to be brave to give special offers that are sensational. Offers that make customers spend less money but get more benefits for their products.

Provide convenience and flexibility

Finally, you must provide convenience and flexibility to customers to get your product. For example, by providing various choices of payment methods, providing ease of delivery, free shipping, credit facilities, etc.

Fourth: Maintain Consumer Loyalty

Ensure product quality

Customers are looking for products that fit their tastes. Don’t think about reducing the quality of your product, even though financial pressures and prices are plaguing Once you think about reducing product quality, all consumers are ready to think about not using your product again.

Improve customer relations

Maintaining communication with consumers is as important as the quality of your products. The way you engage consumers in your marketing strategy, the way you respond to customer criticism and advice, and the way you engage with your customers is a key thing that must be maintained to support their loyalty.

Give special offers

Special offers can be a powerful strategy in maintaining the passion of consumers. You can continue to periodically design special offers based on specific dates, celebrate company birthdays, or special offers to enliven consumers’ celebrations.

Make consumers think that you are happy and welcome their holiday. And make consumers feel happy too when celebrating your holiday.

Thus a review of four fundamentals in content marketing. Complete with the types and actions that you can practice directly in your business. Good luck and happy business!

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